The 40 Day Realtor Experiment

The 40 Day Realtor Experiment

Well, hello again internet world. Over the past few weeks, there has been a buzz around my real estate office about what different agents are doing to develop their real estate careers. I’ve been picking the brains of the top producers in my office and have asked them what they do to generate business for themselves. I’ve heard advice from knocking on the doors in your neighborhood to finding a bar that you frequent and having the bartenders hand out your cards to anyone talking about real estate. There’s been social media advice, phone script advice, and more advice than I could possibly integrate into my business.


Not exactly real estate advice, but certainly good advice.


The more advice I received from people, books, and other real estate websites the more I started thinking. There are a few key lead generation tips that seem to come up. The problem is most real estate agents are like most people. You can receive great advice all day, but if you never put it into practice it doesn’t get you anywhere. Additionally, real estate agents and I’d say most people who are “their own boss” run into a particular issue that prevents them from actually executing the wonderful advice they’ve received.


I completely agree, but I don't think this kills time with only the self-employed.

I completely agree, but I don’t think this is an issue with only the self-employed.


Angry Birds aside, for everyone who isn’t self-employed think on this analogy. Being self employed means you have a ridiculously awesome boss. Your self-employed boss will let you delay project completions, blow off deadlines, and let you sleep in until 12. Your self-employed boss will even let you reschedule clients around your schedule because maybe “you just don’t feel like doing anything today”. Your awesome boss is awesome until you take a look at your bills at the end of the month, and then your self employed boss is the worst boss in the world.


"Yeeeeaahhh...if you could take the entire month off and not make enough income to pay your bills, that would be grrrrrrreeeeeaaaatttt."

“Yeeeeaahhh…if you could take the entire month off and not generate any income to pay your bills, that would be grrrrrrreeeeeaaaatttt.”


So this had me thinking. What if I decided to take the most common real estate advice I’ve heard and just do it? As in, take 4 or 5 most common pieces of advice, try them out for a week, and then report on the results? This works out in 3 ways (or more):

  1. I get to try out advice that other agents swear by.
  2. I have something interesting to blog about each week.
  3. If these recommendations truly work, then it should increase my business as a real estate agent.

So I’m going to try it. While other people may be getting rid of something for the time period of Lent, I’ll be adding to it. We will see exactly what advice works, what may not work, and where I am professionally in 40 days. The best part is, you guys get to hear about it too!


Upon hearing this news, I'm picturing everyone reading my article in my mind like this.

Upon hearing this news, I’m picturing everyone reading my article in my mind like this.


So, what’s the first week of advice? Everyone always says to talk to people in your database. So, this week, that’s what I’m doing. Connecting, re-connecting with people and just following up with requests. So far, it’s been great just calling people I haven’t talked to in a while and catching up. I’ll let you know how it goes next Monday. I’ll see you guys next week!



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  1. Sounds like a great idea! Good luck and above all enjoy!

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