How To: Home Buying

1. Find the answer to the following questions. If you can’t answer all the questions don’t worry. A Wetzel Investments Agent will be able to help.

  • When will I start my home search?
  • Where do I want to live in Dallas/Fort Worth?
  • How many bedrooms do I need?
  • How many roommates will I have?
  • What is my price range for my home?

2. Contact a Wetzel Investments Agent at 469-795-1522 or email us at

  • Our agents will help you narrow your search and review what you are looking for in a home. Our agents will set a date and time to take you to view your home selections.

3. Your agent will advise you to talk with our recommend mortgage broker to review your financial situation and make recommendations for home price and mortgage qualifications.

4. For the next few weeks your agent will work diligently with you and show you a number of properties that fit your search criteria.

  • Your agent will be there every step of the way to help you narrow your search to your perfect home.

5. After helping you find your perfect home, your agent will help you with the contract process.

  • Once a contact is agreed upon by you and your agent, your contract will then be submitted.Once a contact is agreed upon by you and your agent, your contract will then be submitted.

6. When your contract is submitted we will negotiate on your behalf with the seller until an agreed upon price is met.

  • Then the contract will be signed by all parties.

7. After your executed contract, you will begin your due diligence process, which may include an option period in which to do your inspection and walk-through. Your agent will be with you during this process to answer any questions you may have.

8. Once your option period is over, and the bank approves your loan, your process is almost complete.

  • At the closing table, you will sign for your mortgage and become the owner of the property. Your agent will be at your closing table to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

And that’s it! You’re home ownership process is complete! Congratulations!

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