How To: Selling

1. Find the answer to the following questions. If you can’t answer all the questions, don’t worry. A Wetzel Investments Agent will be able to help.

  • Why are you deciding to sell?
  • How many bedrooms are in your home?
  • How many bathrooms are in your house?
  • How many square feet is your home?
  • How much are monthly assessments and taxes for your home?

2. The next step is to contact a Wetzel Investments Agent at 469-795-1522 or email us

  • Our agents will discuss with you the selling procedure for your home and answer any questions you might have. Our agents will also set up a time to meet with you to present you with a market analysis of your home.

3. At your homes market analysis presentation, your agent will review with you all recent comparable homes that have sold in the area, as well as current comparable homes that are in the market.

  • The agent will also discuss current market conditions with you. Using the data from recent sold comparables, on market comparables, and recent market conditions, your agent will give you an idea of what your house should list and sell for. The agent will also discuss everything Wetzel Investments will do to market and sell your home.

4. If you decide to list with Wetzel Investments, you will sign an exclusive listing agreement with Wetzel Investments and your property will be marketed!

5. Wetzel Investments will market your property on MLS.

6. When an offer is presented on your home, your Wetzel Investments Agent will be there to help you negotiate the offer and bring you and the buyer to an agreement.

7. Once the property is under contract, your agent will be there at your home’s inspection and there for advice throughout the review process.

8. Once you have finished the review, your agent will be at your closing to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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